Images of the Future
in the History of Russian Culture
Graduate Student Conference
April 16-18, 2021

The panel "Images of the Future in the History of Russian Culture" will be held
at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences as part of the Graduate
Student Conference "The Future Torn Apart: Forecasts, Projects, Catastrophes,
Utopias" (Vectors-2021).
As the politics of historical memory becomes the leading tool of ideological construction, we are increasingly aware of the lack of an image of the future in public discourse. The future as a component of ideology, culture and the artistic picture of the world remains undervalued in the space of historical research.

Our panel is a kind of inventory tool for the concept of the future as manifested throughout the history of Russian culture. We will be glad to welcome speakers whose historical research focuses on projects of socio-cultural development, the aspirations of various social groups, the future in the aspect of ideological construction and the artistic picture of the world.

Young scholars-historians, as well as representatives of related socio-humanitarian
disciplines are invited to participate. We will be pleased to welcome senior colleagues
interested in the stated topic as invited speakers.
Topics of the panel:
The future as an element of political ideology
Images of the future in art and visual culture
Projects and experiments in the field of urban planning policy, social relations and everyday life
Utopian worlds in literature and cinema
Ideas about the future in different social groups
Religious and quasi-religious eschatology
The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (the MSSES, "Shaninka")
is one of the best non-state universities in Russia, founded by Theodore Shanin in 1995.
Vectors is a conference organized by young scholars and for young scholars. "Shaninka" has been conducting it for about twenty years. The theme for the 2021
conference is "The Future Torn Apart ".
The 2021 conference will be held remotely on Zoom platform.
Openness to cooperation
We invite paper proposals from graduate students (PhD, MA). The working languages of the conference are Russian and English.
Accepting applications
Please, submit a proposal by March 25th, 2021. Proposals should be sent to Alex Kotelvas at
(The subject of the letter should be "Images of the future").

We would like you to indicate in the application the scholar's full name, the topic of the report, institutional affiliation, the scholar's status (PhD student, MA student, independent scholar), email address, phone number, abstract of the report (up to 300 words).

We expect that the thesis will include the wording of the research question, a brief description of the sources, an indication of the theoretical approach and / or the method,
as well as the essence of the proposed idea.

Notification of acceptance will be no later than 2nd April, 2021
Chair of the panel
Alex Kotelvas

Account managers
Eugene Berman
Maxim Nikitin

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